About Us

AzioBot is a robotics startup, located in the heart of Den Bosch, the Netherlands. Our vision is to bring innovation to the cleaning industry, with our experience in Robotics and AI.

At AzioBot, we see the clean, tidy and inviting surrounding as a key element for every workplace. We want to maximize the staff potential of businesses, as we believe that an autonomous floorcare robot will help free the staff to focus on their core tasks, while our robot takes care of delivering superior cleaning performance. We are currently developing an autonomous floorcare robot that is tailored to meet the specific needs and requirements of supermarkets, hardware shops, shopping malls, and other retail shops, at our R&D lab in Den Bosch.

The aim is to build an AI solution that learns its environment and adjusts to the changes, with cleaning large areas of the hard and smooth floor surface, with minimized human interaction as possible.

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